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May 18, 2013

There’s a lot that’s changed over the past few years at, which is why this quick guide should be your go-to, one-stop reference. Linens ‘n Things filed for bankruptcy back on May 2, 2008. Almost a year later on February 15, 2009, LNT Acquisition, LLC, purchased certain assets of Linens ‘n Things, including the brand name and the website. With such a huge change in the company, not everything switched over so easily and thus the confusion began for some customers. Most shoppers still haven’t been formally introduced to the new site or procedures. Luckily, we’re happy to help walk you through and get you back to shopping and saving in no time with these updated Linens ‘n Things deals.

Out With the Old

The new and improved has been in swing for quite some time now but not all shoppers have warmed up to the new experience or may have even realized things have changed. For example, orders prior to February 15, 2009 are considered “old” and have a few restrictions that shoppers should be aware of. The first is that the new cannot help customers with locating goods or rebates. Hopefully, if you had a rebate, you already turned it in and received the money back by now, but if not you may be out of luck if you require assistance from Linens ‘n Things on the matter.

Also, you can no longer redeem gift cards or customer credits that were issued by Linens ‘n Things prior to February 15, 2009. So if you have free money just hanging around on a gift card, you definitely missed out. Those debts remained with the bankruptcy estate of LNT and all you can do now is consult with an attorney.

The next bit of old to go out the door is the sitewide, no-restrictions savings. The coupon policy of continues to be more and more stringent, placing clearly outlined restrictions on all codes. It’s been years since we’ve seen a coupon that was exclusion free.

The last, and undoubtedly the biggest, change for Linens ‘n Things customers has been the close of all physical LNT stores. There are currently no Linens ‘n Things store locations and the official website is now the only place for loyal customers to shop.

In With the New

While some transitions from old to new may be a bit sad, there are still plenty of exciting things happening at the new The first bit of good news is that you’ll never pay for shipping. currently offers only one shipping option within the United States, but most customers in the contiguous U.S. receive their orders in just 5 to 7 business days at no additional cost.

The second thing to note and, in our opinion, the most important is that there is always a coupon available for customers to use on select merchandise. While the coupons may not be available for all orders, there are still hundreds of items that the codes do apply to. How will you find these codes you might ask? The Linens ‘n Things page has all of their latest coupons and deals, even the deals not posted on A major bonus to this new implementation on, as you’ll notice as you shop, is that all of the coupon eligible items are marked with a red triangular flag that says “couponable” right up front. You’ll never be wondering or waiting to see if your coupon applies; you’ll always know in advance.

The third thing to make note of are all of the incredible free resources available to shoppers at A few of our favorites include: the Dorm Room Checklist, Window Measurement Guide, Gift Registry, and the Buying Guides. The Dorm Room Checklist is a free online tool that will prepare you for dorm living as you shop for all the necessities. You can physically check off each box on the list as you acquire the items. Shoppers can also use the Window Measurement Guide or Buying Guides to get helpful tips and tricks for ordering specific, hard-to-buy items online. Customers can also create or view gift registries online with the easy search and shop tools. While you might not have the luxury of shopping in a Linens ‘n Things store any longer, you’re certain to find all the resources and help you could possibly need at

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