The Cashier Who Ate Beef Jerky and Other Crazy Stories

March 10, 2013

Sometimes it’s the customer that gets noticed for being particularly crazy or nasty. (You probably remember the St. Louis pastor who notoriously wrote on her receipt ‘I give God 10%, why do you get 18?’) The Applebees waitress that posted it online ended up losing her job, but sometimes far worse offenses made by cashiers or servers go unpunished. We asked for your crazy stories about absurd staff members and here are some of the most interesting responses.

Hungry Checkerscashier

Often it’s personal experience that motivates me to write about certain things and this blog post is no different. I recently stopped in a nearby Kmart to pick up some plastic storage bins. A sign said they were on sale, but they rang up full price, which is annoying to begin with. But then the cashier made the experience even less enjoyable by noshing on beef jerky while she completed the transaction. I even tweeted about the experience and got a quick response from Kmart corporate asking for the store location.

Zero Personality

Have you ever had a cashier who preferred to pretend that you did not exist? Mark Miller of Florida knows what that feels like. “I once had a cashier who had apparently reached the end of her shift right as I came up to be the next customer. There were about three people in line behind me. The conveyor belt was full of groceries. And she – without making a lick of eye contact – pulled the cash organizer out of the drawer on her cash register and walked off. Didn’t say a word,” he explains. He says the customers stood there in awkward silence and as he began to try flagging someone down another cashier came over to help.  ‘The next cashier came on very apologetic for what had just happened. The new lady checked me out and I left. As I reached my car I remember climbing in behind the wheel and just sitting there thinking ‘my… that was odd’.”

Math Illiterate

Cashiers deal with numbers and money all day long so when Janice Christensen of Downers Grove, Illinois saw a slip of paper with notes cashierwritten on it, she wondered if the woman had chosen the right line of work. “On it, there were all the numbers from 1 through 99 written, and then a code for what coins to hand out for each number. So 25 had 1Q. 26 had 1Q 1P. 27 had 1Q 2P. This just struck me as so sad,” recalls Janice. “Did she miss the unit on counting money in 3rd grade? And of all the jobs to pick, why would she choose being a cashier if it was going to be so difficult for her?”

Culture Shock

You never know who you’ll encounter at the checkout and Gail Everett remembers learning that lesson while passing through Virgina years back. “We stopped at a tiny country gas station, where the hugely pregnant cashier puffed her cigarette while she checked me out,” she says. “Culture Shock!”

Go ahead and share your crazy cashier stories with us. We’re sure there are plenty of them out there just waiting to be told.

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