The Best Things to Buy During Spring

April 7, 2013

Do you have spring fever? Although it seems that winter is clutching on to much of the country warmer weather will come. And plenty of us are itching to update our wardrobes and freshen up our homes. That means we’ll probably be heading out to the malls or logging on to our favorite websites for some serious spring shopping. But if you want to make sure you’re getting the best deals of the season, consider putting these items on your list.


Historically, deals for cruises are best during the earlier part of the year. This is when cruise lines stack their advertising dollars in an effort to get a slice of your vacation fund. In fact Carnival says they’re offering the best rates of the year right now. You can save up to $ 300 on 3-5 day sailings or get up to $ 600 off six-day sailings.

Tennis Shoesbluefly sneakers

Save 30 to 60 percent on tennis shoes if you wait until the seasons change. As people emerge from their winter hibernation they’ll be looking for new footwear. That means retailers will be offering sales and marking down last year’s styles to make room for fresh inventory. Right now every shoe is on sale at Bluefly including dozens of pairs of designer sneakers.

Kitchen Appliances

The average tax refund last year was $ 2,700. That equals more than a month of income for two-thirds of taxpayers, according to Business News Daily. For those living paycheck to paycheck this is the perfect time of year to buy a bigger ticket item like a refrigerator or a stove. Appliance retailers are competing for your tax refund dollars, hoping you’ll choose to stimulate the economy by spending your check from Uncle Sam with them. Best Buy is offering discounts in a sale they’re calling The Big Spring Cleanup. You’ll also see special attention on energy efficient products when Earth Day rolls around. In fact, right now Lowe’s is offering a 10 percent discount on all Energy Star qualified appliances.


Mattresses are another big ticket item. While it seems like mattress retailers advertise big sales on just about every holiday weekend, spring is an especially good time to buy. New mattress models arrive in stores in May so that means at the start of spring many stores will be working to push out old inventory to make way for new stock. They’ll be more willing to offer you a great price on last year’s model and chances are you may sleep even better knowing you got a great deal.

Office Furnitureoffice furniture

April 15 is Tax Day and that’s one reason why April is a good time to buy office furniture. Since many new businesses are formed this time of year, lots of fledgling entrepreneurs are looking to outfit their offices with desks, filing cabinets and chairs. Retailers like Office Max know that it’s a popular season for office furniture purchases so they’re more likely to mark items down in an effort to stay more competitive. In fact right now you can save up to $ 100 on furniture and chairs.

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