The Benefits of Being a Stay-At-Home Grocery Shopper

March 24, 2013

It’s one of our least favorite weekly rituals – the agonizing haul through the grocery store. Think time consuming, stressful, and exhausting. So why are we doing it, when it’s possible to have someone do the dirty work for us? With a grocery delivery service like FreshDirect, all we’ll have to do is answer the doorbell. Here are a few of the perks.

Kid Friendly

Let’s face it: grocery stores and children are not a good mix. For one thing, getting them packed up into the car is never a simple exercise. And things only get more challenging once we’ve arrived at the store and have to fight our way through aisle by aisle as they start clamoring for cereal made entirely of marshmallows. With a delivery service, the kids can stay blissfully involved. We simply put in our order online, and let them help us unpack when everything arrives.

Crowd Free

Grocery shopping is a quick way to turn yourselfinto a bona-fide misanthrope. First, you have to fight perpetual traffic to get there, then battle your way into a parking spot. Once inside, the store is either a complete zoo, with carts blocking narrow aisles and agonizing lines at the checkout counter. Or, if things are a bit more empty, it’s probably because it’s nursing home day. Don’t get us wrong: we love sweet, elderly types. We just don’t want to be stuck behind them when they’re using their shopping cart as a substitute walker. The only time of day the store doesn’t feel like swimming upstream through a river of humanity is 9am on a weekday morning – and that’s because we’re all at work.

Easy Bulk

Buying bulk saves cash and helps ensure that your favorite products are close at hand for longer, but it often means making an extra trip to a Costco or other membership club. But grocery delivery services like FreshDirect offer a wide range of products by the case or multipack – with the attendant discounts. FreshDirect covers everything from brand-name paper towels and bath tissue to diapers, beverages and pet food. And you won’t have to manhandle those ungainly boxes in and out of your car.

Nice Perks

While we’re on the subject, FreshDirect also offers a full range of special perks and products. Think artisan breads and pastries, organic products and antibiotic free dairy and meat. Need those chops cut to just the right thickness? You don’t have to visit the butcher’s counter – FreshDirect will prepare your orders just the way you want them. They also offer produce from local farms and a wide range of to-go meals for kids and grown-ups as well as snacks and platters for events.

Try It Out

If you’ve given grocery delivery the pass before, it’s probably for the wrong reasons. Minimum orders for FreshDirect are a mere $ 30 – and when’s the last time any of us left a grocery store having spent less than that? They also offer online ratings to help you select the freshest in-season produce, which helps your mind rest easy about leaving the picking to someone else. Delivery fees run from $ 6 to $ 9 depending on your location. Personally, we’d happily pay that to avoid all the time, stress, and effort of a trip to the store. Need another reason to give it a try? FreshDirect is currently offering $ 30 off an order of $ 110 or more for new customers.

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