Six Ways to Snag Deals at Sephora

April 13, 2013

When you walk into Sephora or you’re browsing their website, you feel delighted, yet overwhelmed. So many products to choose from! How can I get what I want for my budget? Here are some insider tips on Sephora deals to help you get more of what you want for less.

Order Online

When you order online, you get three free samples with your purchase. The best part is that the samples aren’t random. You’re given a choice between a wide variety of some of Sephora’s best-selling items so that you can sample things that you may want in the future.

Buy in the Fall

Every fall, Sephora has their Friends and Family Sale, where everything is 20 percent off! If you shop then, you’ll save a ton. It’s a no brainer. This tip works best if you can wait to shop once a year. So the only question is: Can you wait?

Become a Beauty Insider

As a Beauty Insider, you will score points with every purchase. Later, those points can be totaled up and used towards free stuff! In addition, when you place an order during your birth month, you’ll get a free gift with your purchase.

You may also want to consider upgrading to a Very Important Beauty Insider member (VIB) by spending $ 350 in a calendar year. A mere $ 350 doesn’t seem unreasonable when you consider all of the amazing benefits you’ll receive. VIB members have exclusive access to special sales, can attend private events, and also receive advice and recommendations from Sephora’s Beauty Concierge.

Search for codes

Scour the net for coupon codes. is always a great place to find the best and most current Sephora coupons. Sephora mostly has codes that will score you extra free samples, or sometimes even full-sized products, but occasionally you’ll see a code for site-wide savings, so keep checking!

You’ll also want to browse Sephora’s Facebook page for special offers. Fan Fridays provides free gifts on minimum purchases, so you can snag makeup essentials without forking over extra cash.

Buy the Collection

Instead of buying individual full-sized products, some of which you may not use up, think about buying a collection that contains a few products you like, and some you may like to try. You’ll save money, avoid wasting products, and you might discover something new that you love!

Do Your Research

When you’re shopping, it can be tempting to buy things on impulse. Maybe that gorgeous green eye shadow makes your eyes pop; or that lipstick looks flawless against those pearly whites when you smile; or that fragrance takes you away to a tropical paradise the second you spritz. Take a minute to either go home and read reviews of these products on or even whip out your smartphone and do it right in the store.

This tip also applies if you’re shopping online. Read the reviews! Maybe, according to reviewers, that eye shadow you love goes on a completely different color than you think it would, and that lipstick fades in five minutes, and that perfume loses that tropical island feel sooner that you want it to. You can save a lot of money by getting previous users to do the testing for you. That way, you can only buy the stuff you know will be great.

Thanks to these money-saving tips, you can now shop at Sephora feeling much less overwhelmed and still get the most out of your beauty products!

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