Simplified Saving: Four Fool-Proof Methods for Coupon Organization

January 23, 2014

Couponing is just like anything in life– there are different styles and methods for doing it. You just have to decide which one is right for you and helps you achieve your goals. Even if you’re short on time, or you absolutely hate clipping coupons, you can still find a way to fit this money saving method into your schedule. All of these styles can work whether your goal is to create a huge stockpile or simply to save a few bucks off your grocery bill each week.

The Coupon Binder

coupon binder

For those who like the idea of having all of their coupons in one place the coupon binder an be a great organizational tool– and a great way to build up those biceps. Fully stocked this thing can easily weigh 15 pounds or more.

Time Commitment: Significant on the front end, requires regular weeding out.
Pros: The coupon binder method is great for on-the-spot deal hunting. You won’t have to worry about leaving anything at home because you’ll have all of your coupons with you at all times. There’s no need to try to remember where you saw that coupon for toilet bowl cleaner. Just flip to the cleaning section of your binder and it should be right there.
Cons: The binder is big. It’s not going to fit in that cute little handbag of yours. And if you have a child that needs to ride in the shopping cart you really won’t have a place to put your big binder full of savings. Plus, you’ll be clipping a lot more with this method.

Saving Inserts

Clipping coupons may have worked for your grandma but if you feel too strapped for time to pull out your Fiskars every week then this method may be more your style. Simply write the date of the coupon insert on the cover and stash it in a folder, box or storage system that works for you. When it comes time to go shopping, find a blogger that specializes in your grocery store of choice. They’ll help you match coupons with sales and tell you which flyers to find the coupons you need.

Time Commitment: Extremely minimal. Once you’ve got your coupon circulars you’ll spend seconds organizing them. You’ll devote more time organizing and clipping before your weekly shopping trip.
Pros: You won’t waste time clipping coupons that you’ll never use.
Cons: You’re relying on someone else to tell you where the coupons are that you need. Plus if you’re out shopping and you see a good deal on something you think you have a coupon for, you you probably won’t have it with you.

Clip As You Like

coupon organizer

If you only use coupons on your favorite products without regard to capitalizing on sales then you may want to simply clip the coupons you know you’ll use. As you run out of something, pull out the coupon and use it on your next shopping trip.

Time Commitment: Minimal. Make a habit of flipping through the coupon circulars in each Sunday’s paper and clipping the ones you’ll actually use. File them in a small accordion fie and take it with you to the grocery store.
Pros: You’ll never end up with products in your pantry that you don’t really like. You won’t be sucked into buying something just because you can get it for a nickle. Also, your binder may be small and light enough that you an actually carry it with you in your purse at all times.
Cons: You’ll never become an extreme couponer with this method. You may save a little money, but you could get burned out because you won’t enjoy the significant savings that other couponers experience. In other words, you won’t get as much bang for your buck with the time you invest.

Digital and Online Printing Only

If you don’t subscribe to the Sunday paper or you just forget to save those coupon inserts you can still be a couponer. You’ll just have to rely on digital coupons or ones you can print from your computer.

Time Commitment: You’ll spend some time each week finding online printables or adding ecoupons to your various accounts.
Pros: When using digital and online printing only you should have less clutter to control. There won’t be as many coupons to file.
Cons: You’ll definitely miss some good deals because you aren’t able to clip coupons from weekly inserts. You’ll also go through more ink and paper with this method. And you’ll have to act quickly for the best deals because often there are a limited number of prints available.

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