Rewards for Watching Videos? How to Make Easy Money on the Internet

August 29, 2012

For people with time to kill and a computer, earning extra income is just a few clicks away. There are lots of programs rewarding users for online searches with perks like gift cards, products or even deposits into your PayPal account. Of course, there are some scam companies disguising themselves as great opportunities to earn extra money, but we’ve uncovered the programs with the best perks.


How it Works: Watch a one minute video and earn two Swagbucks, clip a coupon and earn 10 Swagbucks, share your opinion and earn another seven. Meet daily Swagbucks goals and you’ll earn bonus bucks. There are endless ways to earn and lots of great prizes and rewards to choose from.

Hot Reward: 450 Swagbucks equals a $ 5 Amazon gift card which can be used to purchase just about anything.

Faye Bass, a retired widow, uses Swagbucks as an opportunity to earn online doing what she was already doing– searching and playing. She earns a whopping $ 150-$ 200 a month in Paypal cash and Amazon gift cards simply by completing searches at “This allows me to buy my children and grandchildren birthday and Christmas gifts that I would not otherwise be able to afford, and of course a few extras for myself,” says Faye. Her advice for new users? Check out and don’t be afraid to post questions on the Swagbucks Facebook page. “Any time day or night, you can always visit the Swagbucks Facebook page and find someone willing to help with a question,” says Faye. “I would and do recommend Swagbucks to others who want to make some extra money. I consider Swagbucks my part-time job and it pays me well. I have fun and don’t even have to leave the house!”


How it Works: This is an invitation-only membership program, but you should easily be able to find a referral link on the Irazoo Facebook page. Earn rewards by completing surveys, watching videos, searching the Internet and more.

Hot Reward: Each time you search you have the chance of winning an Amazon gift card worth $ 5 up to $ 500.

There’s a lot of debate as to weather Irazoo or Swagbucks is better, but it seems to just come down to personal preference. Irazoo is also free to join and if you get people to sign up under you, you’ll earn points every time they earn points, up to 3,000 which is a higher threshold than Swagbucks referrals.


How it Works: Just like other rewards programs, you earn Zbucks through Zoombucks when you complete searches, shop and sign up with websites.

Hot Reward: If you get someone to sign up for Zoombucks through your referral link you’ll earn 10% of what they earn for life. Other rewards programs cap off your earning potential through referrals.

The tasks that help you earn Zbucks are pretty much the same as the types of tasks that earn you points through other programs. With Zoombucks, users can cash out 650 points for $ 5 in PayPal cash, so it’s best just to try out a variety of rewards programs and find out which one seems to accrue points the fastest.


How it Works: If you are away from your computer quite a bit, but you have a Smartphone you may want to download the free CheckPoints app. Simply check-in everywhere you shop and scan certain products in order to earn points.

Hot Reward: Keep an eye out for ways to collect coins and use them in games like Paradise Slots or Jungle Lotto scratcher games. Win and you could get an extra 150,000 points instantly.

What makes CheckPoints unique is your ability to earn anywhere you go. You can keep earning when you’re at your computer with search rewards, but the bulk of rewards points seem to come from checking in at retailers and scanning particular products. So put your Smartphone to work and you’ll be racking up enough points for cool prizes like free gift cards in no time.


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