Pop Quiz: Is Your Shopping Style Better for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

November 16, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have two things in common– you can shop in your pajamas without raising eyebrows and there are lots of great deals to be found. But if you’re not sure which shopping holiday best suits your style, take our five question quiz to find out whether Black Friday or Cyber Monday is more your scene.

Question 1: How would you describe waiting in line?black friday

We all have our pet peeves. And for some people waiting in line is at the top of that list. But you can’t expect to join masses of shoppers on Black Friday and not wait in line.

A. I don’t mind it. I can have fun anywhere.

B. It’s complete torture. I’d rather watch a Jersey Shore marathon.

Question 2: Is shopping more fun in a group?

Black Friday doesn’t have to be a group activity, but it can be easier with a team. (You grab the $ 5 coffee maker, I’ll pick up the $ 2 DVDs and we’ll meet at the checkout!)

A. Yes, it’s a great excuse to get together with family and friends.

B. No. Shopping and friends go together as well as orange juice and toothpaste.

Question 3: How fast is your Internet connection?

For millions of Americans, online shopping is second nature. But for those who have a shoddy internet connection it may not be a breeze.

A. I’m still using dial-up.

B. It’s lightening fast.

Question 4: Do you have a fear of being trampled?

Most of us have seen the videos of crazed Black Friday shoppers herding towards good deals, even if it means trampling people in the process. If this video of what happened at a North Buffalo Target store at 4am on Black Friday makes your palms sweaty, then you may want to stay home.

A. No, I can hold my own.

B. Yes, crowds make me nervous.

Question 5: Do you mind having to pay for shipping?

While some people can’t stand waiting in line, others abhor the idea of paying for shipping.

A. Yes, paying for shipping is almost as bad as having to pay sales tax.

B. No, it’s worth the added convenience.

If you answered mostly As…Black friday 2

You’re a Black Friday shopper! You will probably head out to the stores long before that turkey has a chance to digest. You get a thrill from competing against the crowds for a good deal and you would much rather wait in line than pay for shipping.

If you answered mostly Bs…

Cyber Monday is best for you! Don’t bother setting the alarm on Black Friday. You’d rather do your shopping in front of a computer screen on Cyber Monday. Why take the risk of getting trampled when you can score the same deals from the comfort of home.

If you answered a mixture of As and Bs…

You’d be just as happy braving crowds on Black Friday as sitting in front of your computer screen on Cyber Monday. You’ll probably go out for a day of shopping on Black Friday and then hit the computer on Cyber Monday to take advantage of even more deals. You don’t care how it happens– you just want to buy the best gifts at the best price.

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