Pass the Popcorn & Junior Mints, Please! How to Save Big Bucks on Movie Tickets at Fandango

April 9, 2013

Buying your movie tickets online at Fandango is a great way to a) guarantee yourself a seat at sold-out blockbuster flicks, b) avoid lines at the ticket counters, and c) save some serious cash if you know a few tricks. That’s where we come in! Read on for the best Fandango deals that’ll get you to the movies for less.

Use Your Visa Signature Credit Card

Got your Visa Signature credit card handy? Go ahead and get your wallet, we’ll wait.

Welcome back! Got your card? Great! Fandango has partnered with Visa Signature to bring cardholders a regularly rotating set of offers that can include 20% off $ 25 or more spent on movie tickets, $ 5 off $ 25 in Fandango Bucks cards, and more. It’s always worth it to check back once a week and see what the latest “gimme” is. Even if there’s no movies out that you want to see right now, you can purchase tickets in advance for some flicks and save yourself time and money later on.

Don’t own a Visa Signature card? With such great savings at Fandango, you may want to consider getting one!

Sign Up for an AMC Stubs Membership

AMC is one of the largest movie theatre chains in the United States. Being a Stubs member gets you great rewards. For just $ 12 a year, you’ll get:  a $ 10 reward for every $ 100 you spend, free upgrades at the concession stand, special members-only coupons, and the Fandango service charge (usually $ 1-$ 2 per ticket) will be waived when you enter your AMC Stubs number during checkout at Fandango. If you go to the movies more than once a month, that $ 12 will more than pay for itself.

Want a special tip to save even more money? Use your AMC Stubs membership number in conjunction with a coupon code. There are separate boxes for each during the Fandango checkout process, so you can use both in one purchase!

Shop at eBay

eBay isn’t just a great place to buy used laptops and hard-to-find LEGO sets; if you search for “Fandango Coupons” or “Fandango Tickets,” you’ll find a ton of movie tickets, Fandango Bucks gift cards, 2-for-1 coupons, and more that you can purchase at WAY below retail prices. Of course, you should only buy from trusted sellers. We’re not responsible for you buying tickets from a seller in a country you’ve never heard of, and receiving a fake hand-drawn movie ticket in the mail instead. To avoid such an incident, verify trusted sellers by viewing their sale history and feedback percentage.

Complete a TrialPay Offer

Fandango doesn’t release many official coupons, but they do partner with a lot of movies to offer free song downloads, free movie merchandise (a.k.a. “swag”), and our personal favorite: free movie tickets when you complete a TrialPay offer. Some of the TrialPay offers are freebies, some involve entering a sweepstakes, and some involve purchasing a product, which could work to your advantage if you planned on buying that product anyways. The offers rotate regularly, so it’s worth it to check back once or twice a month if it means you could potentially end up with free movie tickets. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across free membership for a month with Netflix on top of your free movie tickets – let’s just say it has been known to happen in the past.

As you can see, there are a few different routes you can take to save some cash-o-la on your next trip to the local multiplex. eBay, Visa Signature Cards, TrialPay offers, and, of course, visiting for the latest Fandango coupons and freebie info will all yield some great discounts. Enjoy your summer at the movies – and don’t forget to save us a seat, and some popcorn!

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