P90X: Join the Workout Craze for Less

September 18, 2012

Despite the lack of visual evidence of Paul Ryan’s shirtless chest, P90X is getting some special attention after Mitt Romney’s running mate announced he’s a fan of the workout. Not even sure what P90X is? It’s a 90-day home-based workout developed by Tony Horton that combines cross-training with nutrition and dietary supplements. According to reports, the workout regimen reached $ 500 million in sales as of August 2012. The Ultimate P90X kit will set you back about $ 360, but we uncovered ways to join this workout craze for less.

Shop on eBayP90x 2

Just like any fitness product, there is a certain percentage of people who will buy it and never use it. Take advantage of their laziness by picking up a like-new P90X pack from eBay for a fraction of the price. That’s what Leon Scott Baxter Lewandowski did, paying only $ 60 for what normally would have set him back $ 120. “It was only the discs, but the person who sold it to me also sent me the paperwork and much more in PDF form so I could forward that to my friend as well, and have copies for myself,” he says. Leon completed P90X twice so he definitely got his money’s worth.

Find Cheaper Equipment Alternatives

If you buy the complete P90X kit from BeachBody.com, you’ll pay a premium for exercise bands and a pull-up bar. But Leon says you can easily find those items at a secondhand sporting goods store at a deep discount. In fact we found a set that includes a chin up bar and five resistance bands on Amazon.com for less than $ 40. Better yet, be resourceful like Leon. “When I went on a trip to a friend’s house, I just did the pull ups in their car port on a beam,” he says. “If you keep your eyes open, you can find a horizontal bar or beam somewhere.”

Drink Water Insteadp90x 3

The full-price P90X kit comes with Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout Formula. You can also buy this product separately and a 30-day supply is $ 29.95 plus shipping and handling. Check out the official product label and compare it with products at your local health store. According to LiveStrong.com what you’re paying for are B vitamins which provide energy and caffeine which will give you a boost during your workout. You could just as easily swap out the supplement for an energy drink, or better yet, pure water.

Buy Bulk Protein

Boosting your protein intake is an important part of the P90X nutrition plan. You can save money and still accomplish this by picking up high quality protein powder in bulk at a warehouse store like Costco for around $ 30.

Find Free Workout Sheets Online

You’ll want to track your progress with a workout diary. You can print these worksheets off for free through beachbody.com. You can also print out free P90X workout calendars to help keep workouts on track. The bottom line is don’t be discouraged if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on the complete P90X package. You can still whip your body into shape with this popular routine when you use these creative ways to trim the fat off the cost.

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