How to Shop at Ralph Lauren Without Breaking the Bank

May 10, 2013

Whether you’re looking to add a few pieces to your work wardrobe or you need to find the perfect ensemble for an upscale party, Ralph Lauren should be at the top of your list for a prospective shopping spree. Although you might love the styles, what you might not love are the prices. So how does a bargain-hunting fashion lover get the most for their money at Ralph Lauren? Read on for tips and tricks at getting great Ralph Lauren deals that will keep both your wallet and your wardrobe in great condition.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

One of the benefits of shopping online at Ralph Lauren is you always get free shipping on orders over $ 195. Since this deal is applied automatically, and doesn’t require a promo code, it can be stacked with other promotions and coupons. The flat-rate shipping fee is $ 8, so taking advantage of the automatic free shipping deal will save you from having to fork up that extra cash.

But what if you don’t have $ 195 worth of clothes in your online shopping bag? If you’re shopping near a major or minor holiday, you might be in luck! Ralph Lauren often offers free shipping on all orders, with no minimum purchase, starting the Friday before a holiday and continuing through the long weekend. No promo code is needed to take advantage of the offer, which means it can be combined with other promo codes and reductions.

If you’re doing your shopping outside of a major holiday and still want free shipping, you might still be in luck. Promo codes for free shipping pop up several times a month, and usually don’t have a minimum purchase requirement, either. You’ll most likely find a promo code within the first and last 10 days of the month, and occasionally in the middle of the month between the 12th and 17th. Catch these codes quickly because they only last a few days to a week, at the most. Since these are coded deals and Ralph Lauren only allows one promo code to be used per purchase, they cannot be combined with any other coupon codes you might have.

Look for Merchandise Discounts

Ralph Lauren doesn’t frequently offer coupons for merchandise discounts. Coupon promotions are usually limited to major holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and New Year’s. However, during these times, it isn’t uncommon to get coupons for 20% to 30% off your entire purchase. Occasionally, coupon deals are limited to sale merchandise, but usually they’re open to anything on the site, with no minimum purchase required. These deals are usually advertised on the front page, although if the code is good only for sale merchandise, the promotion of it might be limited to the sale page. So after scanning the homepage for deals, don’t forget to check the sale page each time you’re shopping at

Want to shop a sale as early as possible? Even though the sales seem to be seasonal, they might not last for months on end. Your best bet for catching the fall sale is to check the site during the first five days of November, keep an eye out for the winter sale at the start of February, the spring sale crops up around the first week of May, and the summer sale should roll in by the last ten days of any summer month (check mid-June or the last weeks of July and August). Don’t worry about missing the winter sale because the best promo codes, shipping discounts, and extra sales will be advertised around the holidays through mid-January.

Another way of scoring merchandise discounts is to shop the sale section. One great perk of the sale section is that you can shop by category. This will make finding that cashmere sweater you’ve been wanting much easier.

Sign Up for the Newsletter

To stay in the loop about upcoming sales at Ralph Lauren, you can sign up for the online newsletter, as well as offline communications. The email newsletter comes once or twice a week, and usually only has information about new lines and product promotions, but on occasion you’ll also get a heads up on coupon codes and future sales before the general public.

If you opt in to get correspondence via mail, you’ll get an additional perk. Ralph Lauren rarely sends things through the post office, so you won’t have to worry about your mailbox getting clogged with junk. But once or twice a year, you’ll get special invitations to private sales and unique coupon codes that can only be used one time. The timing of these sales is sporadic and doesn’t seem to correspond to any holidays or major events (such as a birthday), which makes it hard to rely on them if you’ve found the outfit of your dreams but want to snag it at a discount without waiting too long. However, signing up for snail mail is a great way to get bonus discounts without the hassle of weekly junk mail.

Our Best Tips

The most ideal way to save at Ralph Lauren would be to snag a promo code for sale items, stack that discount on top of the sale and spend $ 195 to avoid shipping charges. Don’t forget to check the homepage as well as trustworthy couponing sites throughout each month for deals. Since coupons and deals at Ralph Lauren can be unpredictable, sign up to receive email alerts from to see the latest deals as soon as they’re posted.

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