How to Save Money at Bed Bath and Beyond

March 22, 2013

At Bed Bath and Beyond getting the maximum discount isn’t just about finding the right sale at the right time or sifting through the online clearance section. There are actually multiple ways, both in-store and online, that can net you the most bang for your buck without going crazy and doing too much work. Because after all, isn’t shopping about getting what you want, at the price you need, with the least amount of hassle? If you answered yes, then read the below to find out how you can save some hard earned dough on your next purchase with Bed Bath and Beyond deals.

Get the Most Out of Your Coupons 

Online:  Although Bed Bath and Beyond does not have coupon codes like other stores might, when you sign up for their email list, you get a 20% off coupon that you can use in-store on one item. Also, once you sign up, you’ll start receiving even more coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond through the mail. If there is something you want to purchase online that isn’t available in the store and you want to use your coupon, Bed Bath and Beyond stores offer a free ordering service – if you come to the store and identify the product. Because coupons cannot be applied online, this way you can apply the in-store savings to your online item on products found online but not in the store. You still have to pay shipping and handling, but a oftentimes there are free shipping offers on Bed Bath and Beyond’s website, and over 1000 products ship free every day.

In-Store:  Unlike other stores, Bed Bath and Beyond actually lets you use multiple coupons on the same purchase. Their 20% off coupons are good for one item, so start collecting as many coupons as you can through the mail and in magazines, and you can add them all up and use them for a large purchase. Even better, although Bed Bath and Beyond coupons have expiration dates, the coupons never actually expire. And what if you forget your coupons when you go to shop? Well, Bed Bath and Beyond offers a future coupon adjustment. All you need to do is bring your receipt and the coupon back to the store after your purchase and you receive a refund for the coupon amount. Plus, there is no time limit on coupon adjustments after purchase.

Mobile:  If you’re someone who always has your cell phone handy, then signing up to receive text alerts from Bed Bath and Beyond is yet another way to rack up even more discounts. The text message offers that you get on your phone can be redeemed simply by showing your phone, with the discount text message, at checkout. All you have to do is text OFFER to 239663 to begin receiving discounts. But know that message & data rates do apply and if you ever want to stop receiving the alerts, just text STOP to 239663  cancel.

Make Sure You’re Paying the Lowest Price

In-Store: Bed Bath and Beyond honors all competitors’ prices, as long as the make and model of the product are identical. Bring in an ad or coupon from another competitor, and get a discount on an item that you needed but didn’t want to spend extra dough on.

Mobile: There are a lot of apps out there that do price comparisons right on your phone; a great example of this is RedLaser. If you bring in your phone with proof of a competitor’s lower prices, then Bed Bath and Beyond will honor the competitor’s price.

How to Save on Gift Card Purchases

Bulk Discount: Depending on the situation, Bed Bath and Beyond has been known to give discounts on bulk Gift Card orders. On the website it says, “Discounts are determined on a case by case basis.  As soon as we receive your information, you will be contacted by our Corporate Sales Team.” If you know you’re going to be making some big purchases in the future it may be worth it to purchase some gift cards in bulk and collect the discount. Plus, Bed Bath and Beyond Gift cards don’t expire or have a fee, so you can hold on to them as long as you want.

Free Gift Cards: A lot of times Bed Bath and Beyond will give away free gift cards with purchase or with registry. And what’s important to remember is that you don’t have to be getting married to create a registry. These promotions are offered more in the spring when summer wedding season and housewarming season are revving up.

Everybody Loves Coupons

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