Fairytale Savings at Toys“R”Us: How to Live Frugally Ever After

March 26, 2013

Whoever said being a parent was easy must’ve had three nannies, owned a candy factory, and had a massive money tree growing in the backyard. With necessities like diapers, formula and clothing putting a major dent in your wallet regularly, it’d be nice to save a few bucks on splurges like toys and games for the kids. That’s why we’ve scoured the earth for Toys“R”Us deals. Now you can save big at one of the largest toy retailers in the world. You’ll never have to pay full price for a Barbie doll or Hot Wheels car again.

Become a Couponer

If you haven’t heard, Toys“R”Us is a coupon gold mine. Shoppers can use Toys“R”Us coupons at checkout to lower product prices to unheard-of proportions.  Like any good couponer knows, snagging the best deals is all about stacking. For example, with buy one, get one free offers, you can match manufacturer and store coupons and end up only paying sales tax!  With prices like that, you’ll feel like Christmas came early this year.

Find a Better Deal

Toys“R”Us also offers a price match guarantee, which offers any customer the chance to get your toy cheaper with proof that a competitor sells it for less. Now when little Johnny spots a toy he wants, the default response doesn’t have to be, “No, it’s too expensive.” Just bring in an original competitor ad to any Toys“R”Us store with valid dates, and voila, instant discount!

Visit Trade-in Events

Passing down items is a ritual in families with multiple kids, but unfortunately not all items age as well as people do. When your stroller is literally on its last leg, stop by your local Toys“R”Us during their Trade-in Event sale. You can trade in your used baby items like car seats, high chairs and bouncers in exchange for a 25% savings on the purchase of a new baby product from select manufacturers.

Get More Savings with a V.I.B. Card

The Very Important Baby (V.I.B.) card is a free, reloadable gift card that can be used at Toys“R”Us or Babies“R”Us. Before you shop, load your card with funds and the store will add a 10% bonus contribution within 48 hours. Have friends and family add money also because Toys“R”Us will contribute additional bonuses of up to $ 200 per year!

Hold Your Items in Layaway

When your daughter has a Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse in her sights for her birthday, you’ll definitely want to plan ahead. The Toys“R”Us Layaway program is a convenient way of purchasing those high-ticket items without having to fork up the full price all at once. There are no upfront fees, and payments are made bi-monthly.

Get the “R”Us Credit Card

The “R”Us credit card combines the bonuses of the V.I.B. card with the convenience of Layaway. When you open an account, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase. For every purchase you make, you will earn points that you can use toward future purchases. Unlike the V.I.B. card, there is no limit on bonuses, so the more you shop the more you earn. On top of that, there’s no annual fee. Wow, a credit card with a bunch of perks and no downside—who would of thought?

Everybody Loves Coupons

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