Couponing with Amy: Just What the Doctor Ordered

January 26, 2012

Each week, our resident Couponista, Amy Leneker, shares her personal shopping experiences and extreme couponing tips so that you too can be a Coupon Expert!

Sometimes a coupon will appear in the most unlikely of places, so you’ve got to be ready! This happened to me a few weeks ago when I scored a major coupon at my doctor’s office.

After writing me a prescription, my doctor asked if I wanted a free sample of the medication. When I opened the box, there was a coupon to pay no more than $ 25 for the prescription. Since the prescription was going to cost $ 139 (even with insurance), the coupon saved me $ 114. Nice! It got even better when the pharmacist said the coupon was able to be used on the second refill, too. He entered the code in their computer system and when I go to pick up the refill, I will save another $ 114, or $ 228 total. Not bad for a coupon found in the sample box! And it was a good lesson—always ask for free samples and never be embarrassed to ask about coupons, even at the doctor’s office!

Super Savings on SoniCare Toothbrushes

Finding such a great coupon at the doctor’s office was a new experience for me. So a few days later when I had a dentist appointment, I decided to press my luck. My dentist was recommending the SoniCare toothbrush so I asked if he knew of any great deals on it. Turns out he had $ 10 off coupons for the toothbrushes. I asked if I could have two of them (I was on a roll after all). I did some comparison shopping and found SoniCare brushes on clearance at WalMart for $ 29, down from $ 69.  With the coupons from my dentist, I only paid $ 19 for each one. What a bargain!

Big Savings for Little Kids

This time of year I find myself in the pediatrician’s office way too much. It is cold and flu and ear infection season. Yuck! When I was there last week I noticed a new display of coupons in the waiting room. While my son passed the time playing MarioKart on his DS, I passed the time by scoring some great coupons. I got coupons for baby wash, Cetaphil lotion, Claritin allergy medicine, and kids’ vitamins. The total savings was over $ 20. Not bad! There were also great coupons for baby food and baby formula. While my little ones are long past the baby food and formula stage, I grabbed several of the coupons to use when I am buying donations for the local food bank. I also grabbed one of the coupons for a free year of Baby magazine, for a friend who is expecting her little one any day now.

Discovering Previously Uncharted Territory

As someone who prides herself in scouting out the best coupons, saving on prescriptions and medical costs was uncharted territory for me, until now. What’s that saying about once you know better, you do better. Well, now I know better. I will keep looking for ways to use coupons on prescriptions and other medical supplies. Now, if only I had a coupon for those pesky co-pays…

Everybody Loves Coupons

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