Couponing with Amy: Cool Savings on Hot Yoga

February 19, 2012

Each week, our resident Couponista, Amy Leneker, shares her personal shopping experiences and extreme couponing tips so that you too can be a Coupon Expert!

Like a gazillion other people, I vowed to get healthier as the calendar turned to 2012. And, of course, I had to use coupons to help me on the journey to fitness!

Who knew hot yoga was so cool?

I have a good friend who regularly does hot yoga and she swears by it. Given my newfound resolution to get healthy, I agreed to try it. After only one class, I was hooked! The class lasts 90 minutes and the room is set at a toasty 105 degrees. The instructor has a calm, soothing voice and barely speaks above a whisper. As the mom of two small children, I live in a noisy house (been to Chuckie Cheese? Not much of a difference) so I would have gone to the class just for the silence!

The classes regularly cost $ 15 for a drop in class. The yoga studio offers a “new student” coupon that allows you to pay $ 15 for your first class, or $ 20 for a week of unlimited classes. So for a mere $ 20, I enjoyed two classes last week, for a savings of $ 10. Saving at the yoga studio was a good reminder to always ask about deals and discounts. You never know what out’s there!

BYOM: Bring your own mat

It became clear within the first five minutes of the class that I needed to bring my own yoga mat. The yoga studio graciously lets new students borrow a mat but given that the room is 105 degrees, there is a whole lot of sweating going on! So, I started my search to score the best deal I could find on a yoga mat. After some comparison shopping, Fred Meyer was the place.

Fred Meyer had the classic yoga mat by Bell on sale for only $ 14.99 (regularly priced $ 19.99 so an instant savings of $ 5).  On top of that, I had two coupons, so I could layer on the savings:

  • First, I had a $ 2 off coupon for any health/fitness item by Bell. This coupon came from the Fred Meyer coupon book that they give out at customer service. Always check the deals at customer service!
  • Second, I had an extra 10 percent home coupon from the Sunday paper, which saved me another $ 1.50.

Bottom line: I paid only $ 11.49 for the yoga mat, a savings of $ 8.50.

When ‘Om’ turns to ‘Yum’

While I was at Fred Meyer scoring a great deal on a yoga mat, I thought I would take advantage of a great deal on Lean Cuisines too. They are such a quick and easy lunch in the middle of a hectic workday. Fred Meyer was offering Lean Cuisines 5 for $ 10, which is a good price and a savings of $ 5. But I had two coupons, which allowed me to get them for a great price!

  • First, I had a $ 1.00 coupon that I found online.
  • Secondly, I had a “buy 5, get 1 free” coupon from the Fred Meyer coupon book (same book from customer service I mentioned above) so that saved me another $ 2.00.

Bottom line: I paid only $ 6 for 6 Lean Cuisines, a savings of $ 12.

Sign me up for another class!

I saved $ 8.50 on a yoga mat and $ 12 on the Lean Cuisines, which means I saved enough to pay for another hot yoga class. Sign me up!



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