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July 19, 2014

What do you think of when I say Glare Blocker, Slap Chop, Wallet Ninja or Dump Cakes? You probably guessed it: The Shopping Channel. Or maybe you’re thinking of the “As Seen on TV” retail store in your local shopping center. While we still see interesting products being advertised on television in the wee hours of the morning (and on some channels, 24 hours a day), you no longer have to rely on this being the only way to find some of these truly unique products. What was at one time only available for a limited time (yes, there was a countdown clock running in the corner of the TV), for four easy payments and for overpriced shipping and handling charges, can now be purchased in a multitude of brick and mortar stores and at online retailers. Let’s use the Slap Chop as an example.

The TV Offer: $ 35.85slap chop

The Slap Chop is advertised as letting you “dice, chop and mince in seconds.” Its official website is a carbon copy of its televised offer counterpart. It has all the makings off the classic TV offer: the promise of a great deal plus a special bonus offer (all with separate shipping and handling of course). In this case, the offer is buy one, get one: Get 1 Slap Chop, 1 Cheese Grater, plus a Free Bonus Set consisting of a second Slap Chop and second Grater for only $ 19.95 (plus $ 7.95 shipping and handling for the first set and another $ 7.95 for the second set). That’s almost $ 37 without factoring in any applicable sales tax. The website doesn’t even let you just buy a single Slap Chop.

Let’s see if we can find one and save you a mint. Because as is the case for many products of this nature, sometimes one is all you need and want. $ 17.77

Sears offers a single Slap Chop – not all the bells and whistles and expenses of the official TV offers – for $ 13.27. Add the $ 4.50 shipping and handling charge (if you want to buy it online instead of checking your local retailer) and you can get just the one you want. $ 14.50

One official, name brand Slap Chop can be purchased at Amazon for $ 14.50. If your shopping cart totalled $ 35, you could have this order shipped to you for free. If not, standard shipping charges would apply.

Walmart: $ 12

While you can’t get this product in Walmart’s online store, there is in-store availability at Walmart. While prices will vary from store to store, th169264388e current advertised price is $ 12.00 on their website. $ 9.40

Now if you’re really in no rush to get your Slap Chop (and I mean really, really no rush), I stumbled upon the website. You can get a Slap Chop through them for $ 9.40 and it will be shipped to for free. Here’s the kicker: It’s going to be sent your way by China Post Air Mail. I can’t imagine that would be very fast.

And On and On

There’s really no shortage of websites where you can find Slap Chops. A simple web search will include multiple online retailers. Local retailers, like large grocery and department stores, will likely carry popular products like these as well. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy just one item instead of a bundle of items (that would be more cost-effective per item) when one is all you’re really going to use.

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