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April 23, 2013

It seems like advertises everywhere – they’re a pretty major player in the online flower delivery scene and we’d be genuinely surprised if any regular online shoppers hadn’t heard of them or come across one of their standout banners somewhere. However, for as mass marketed as they are, they have a pretty tangled, and often times confusing, coupon and savings policy. Luckily, we’re happy to share a bit of insider couponing experience with you that will have you knocking down their prices in no time! Follow these two tips to get started and keep reading for more information: 1) Remember that does not use traditional coupon codes like other sites but there are still ways to save. 2) You should never pay regular price when shopping online at, there is always an offer hiding somewhere.

Learn How to Save Without Coupon Codes

While it’s true does not have a coupon code field or box for you to apply codes to your cart or during checkout, they still have “coupon” promotions that you should be on the lookout for. coupons are link-activated; this means they’re embedded in special links or URLs that you must click on to activate the deal. The URL is usually formatted with the code at the end of the website address. For example, if your discount code is “SAVEATFTD,” the URL would be Keep this information in mind while you’re hunting down offers and sales for an purchase because you’ll always have to click on a link and open a new window to be able to utilize the discount being promoted. It might seem like a hassle, but if you don’t click, you won’t save. If you’re looking for a trusted site to save and click from, check out the latest deals at!

Hunt Down a Deal or Make One Up

It can literally pay to try everything to find the best deals at Our general rule of thumb for this merchant is that if you’re not saving at least 20% off on your order, then you should wait a day or two to order because they’re almost always offering this promotion somewhere out in the worldwide web. Where should you look? Obviously, you should be checking trusted coupon sites like Ultimate Coupons, Tjoos, Deallocker or The Bargainist, but also offers special promotions for folks who follow them on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+. We recommend following them on all of those social outlets so you can ensure you’ll be notified of all their savings opportunities. Also, don’t forget about the magic of group discounts; you might find some specifically for your local area.

If these leads still aren’t turning up large enough savings, try making up your own promotional URL – if you guess right then you’ve got some serious savings and if you guess wrong will usually have an apology page with an actual savings offer that you can use right away. For example, go to your browser and type the URL: – you should get an error page that automatically redirects you to a page that says something like, “We’re sorry we couldn’t find that page. Save 20% sitewide.”  Presto! You’ve just locked in 20% off for making up a bogus offer!

Do the Math Before You Buy

You should also remember not to overlook dollar off promotions. Often times $ 5 or $ 10 will knock more off your total than a 20% off sitewide offer, but it simply depends on how much you are spending. Even if a $ 5 off promotion sounds like less than 20% off – do the math before you pay, because it might be the better offer to use. often utilizes dollar-off promotions on certain items, so keep your eyes open and those calculators handy.

Become an FTD Gold Member

Why not dodge service fees and score free shipping if you can? This tip is specifically for those of you who shop more than once a year. When you purchase an FTD Gold Membership for $ 29.99, you will receive free shipping and no service fees for an entire year. There is no minimum to your purchase amounts throughout the year in order to redeem free shipping as a member, so feel free to shop at as much as you’d like. An additional perk to being a Gold Member is the member-only discounts and promotions you will receive.

Now with so many great tips, you can buy as many flowers and gifts as you’d like at! We’ll go ahead and say, “Your Welcome,” in advance since we know you’ll be sending us some of those oh-so-delicious Mrs. Fields Thank You Cookies (currently on sale).

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