7 Quick Tips: How to Rock at Printing Coupons

December 15, 2013

Have you been there? Sunday night rolls around. You’re in your pajamas, settled in on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream, ready for the latest episode of Revenge and it hits you. You forgot to buy a newspaper and now you have no fresh coupons! Rather than run out to the closest convenience store in your PJs, take a deep breath. Because most of those coupons you usually clip for your Sunday newspaper inserts are accessible to you with a few clicks. If you want to improve your online coupon printing skills follow these seven steps.

Hit the Back Button

printable coupons

Most printable coupons can be printed twice. Whether you’re printing coupons from Target.com, Smartsource or Red Plum, you will usually be allowed to print each coupon twice. Hit the back button on your browser and the coupon should print a second time. If you have trouble, try going back into the site, selecting the coupon you’re interested in and printing it again.

Find Alternative Sources

Besides the main coupon printing websites, many manufacturers and retailers offer internet printables from their sites as well. Some to check out are Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Kelloggs and Campbell’s Kitchen.

Print Store Coupons

Whole Foods Coupons

Some grocery stores and big box retailers offer printable coupons that are exclusive for their stores. Two to check out are Target and Whole Foods. But your grocery store may also accept those stores as competitors. That way you’ll be able to combine the store coupon and a manufacturer coupon to save even more on the same item.

Invest in a Wireless Printer

As mentioned, most coupon websites only allow users to print one or two copies of each coupon. But in order to truly take advantage of great deals you’ll want more printable coupons. Invest in a wireless printer and you’ll be able to print coupons from other devices like Smartphones or tablets. The price of e-printers has dropped and many are available for less than $ 100. This HP Deskjet e-All-in-One printer is on sale for $ 69.99 at Staples.com.

Download the Coupons.com App

Coupons app

If you’ve got a Smartphone use it like a second computer to access additional prints of your favorite coupons. Download the free Coupons.com app and you’ll be able to access the same valuable printable grocery coupons you can find using your computer. Click on the “printable coupons” icon and check the coupons you’d like to print.

Use the Grocery IQ App

Another free coupon app that will help you increase your access to printable coupons is Grocery IQ. Also created by Coupons.com it includes other features like a barcode scanner, grocery list maker and product details. But the best feature for those interested in printables are the integrated coupons.

Follow the Rules

Coupon fraud is rampant. If you come across a high value printable coupon that seems a little too good to be true, check out the Coupon Information Corporation’s list of fake coupons. Coupon fraud is a serious offense. Never photocopy a printable coupon because each one has a unique bar code. Using internet printables incorrectly is the same as stealing from a company. Use them properly and you can still save lots of money on groceries, cleaning supplies and bathroom necessities.

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