6 Affordable Potty Training Tools

January 28, 2013

We’re all looking for ways to improve our lives and regain control of our finances this time of year. Since the average family spends about $ 2,000 on diapers per child, many parents with toddlers are probably making potty training a top new year’s resolution. Plus, imagine all the time you’ll save not having to change diapers! Potty training can be a dirty job, but these affordable tools may just help make the process a little easier.


Everyone’s talking about the iPotty– a $ 40 kid’s toilet with a built-in iPad stand. The idea behind this gadget is that your child won’t mind sitting on the toilet waiting for nature’s call if they can play Angry Birds or Tetris. Some people thinks it’s great, others say it will condition your youngster to feel the need to go every time they hold an iPad. If you like the idea, look for it in stores in March.

Bumbo Toilet TrainerToilet-trainer

Plenty of parents use the Bumbo floor seat. Now you can transition them into the Bumbo Toilet Trainer. It easily attaches to your toilet seat to give little ones a sense of security and confidence. Choose between pink and blue, both are $ 35.29 at Diapers.com.

Odor-Eliminating Mattress Pad

Unfortunately for most parents, potty training won’t happen overnight. Even after your little one seems to have mastered the art of using the toilet accidents happen. It may be smart to invest in a Therapedic Waterproof Mattress Pad, $ 39.99 for a twin. It features Puresleep Advanced Technology. That’s a fancy way of saying it repels stains and eliminates odors. Plus it will keep you from having to buy a new mattress.

Customized Potty Training Chart

Track your child’s progress and reward their good behaviors with a free customizable Potty Training Chart courtesy of Pull-Ups.com. Customize your chart by choosing up to five goals you want your child to focus on like sitting on the potty or flushing the toilet. Positive reinforcement is a great potty training tool and this freebie will help.

Potty Training Bookspotty training

Kids love books and they can learn a lot from the stories they read. Invest in a potty training book– or check one out from the local library. Choose from titles like “Even Firefighters Go to the Potty” or “Once Upon a Potty.”

Your Words

Dr. Fran Walfish, a leading child, teen, parent and family psychotherapist, says your words can be an important potty training tool. ” Do not criticize, blame, or judge your child,” says Walfish. “Use words that motivate, encourage, and praise versus language that criticizes your child.” While your words are free, you may pay a price if you choose the wrong ones.


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