5 Gift Giving Apps to Make You the Best Gift Giver Ever

October 10, 2012

The holiday shopping season– the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas– is a whopping 32 days long this year. That’s the longest possible, but just because we all have a few extra days to shop doesn’t mean we can’t use a little extra help. Enlist your smartphone to assist you with staying organized, finding deals and making sure Santa gets it right this year. These gift giving apps may be even better than having your own personal elf.

Christmas Wrapped

The free Christmas Wrapped app will not only help you generate gift ideas for your loved ones, it will help you stick to your budget. Maintain a shopping list, mark what’s bought and quickly see what’s still on your list. Set a budget for each person or for your entire Christmas gift list.


While gift cards are still one of the most popular gift-giving options we can all agree they come across a little impersonal. But with the Clingle app you can turn your gift into a fun adventure. Think of it as FourSquare meets a scavenger hunt. Your friends or family members can be forced to “check in” at a certain store in order to unlock their gift. The gift can also be accompanied with a video message from you, but just how creative or corny it is remains completely up to you.


The Scan app is a great resource for shopping year around– especially during the holiday season. When you find a great gift for anybody on your list make sure you’re getting it at the best possible price with the help of the Scan app. Simply scan the item’s UPC bar code and Scan will tell you what price it’s selling for at various local and online retailers. Either use it to get a price match from the store you’re shopping at or head to the place with the best price.


The free Karma app made headlines earlier this year when it was acquired by Facebook. It’s a gift giving app for people who don’t like to mess with shipping or who can never seem to remember their grandmother’s mailing address. It also lets the recipient choose which color, size or flavor of item they want. Or better yet, they can exchange it all together so you’re sure they get exactly what they want.

No More Socksno-more-socks

Worried about giving bad gifts this holiday season? Then you’ll definitely want to download the No More Socks app. As the name implies– you’ll no longer be relegated to buying boring socks for your family and friends. Instead you can find and bookmark gift ideas online, share ideas and get inspiration all within the app. It’s even locked by a code to keep your gift giving plans out of curious hands. Plus, this is an app you can use year round, not just during the holiday season. It costs $ 1.99, but if it means you are now known as the best gift giver in the family that is probably money well spent.


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