4 Ways to Save at Levi’s

April 25, 2013

With everything from jeans to jackets to dresses to tops, Levi’s is a denim powerhouse. But as much as we respect the name and admire the fit, the price tag doesn’t always agree with our pocketbooks. Fortunately, if you’re patient and thorough, there are various ways to save money at Levi’s. Just follow these helpful hints to get the best Levi’s deals out there.

Make a New Friend

The first way to save money at Levi’s is to add them to your circle of friends. Become friends by subscribing to the Levi’s online newsletter and you’ll instantly enjoy a promo code for free shipping. You can also expect to receive all their latest sales and coupons via the newsletter and, better yet, they’ll even email you reminders as to when the sales are ending! Plus, if you like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, you’ll have access to all of their latest events and promotions every day in your news feed. Stay in the know and you’ll be less likely to miss the big sales when they roll through.

Invest a Little

The second thing to do is make a small online purchase that will get your physical address into the Levi’s database. Grab a new clutch for under $ 40 or search the “Under $ 20” sale section for the lowest priced items; any purchase will do. By making a purchase, even a teeny tiny one, you’ve now established yourself as a customer so they’ll have record of you and possibly even mail you coupons or information about promotions. Be sure to check each piece of physical mail you receive, you never know where a coupon code might be hiding!

Be a Price Stalker

The third thing to remember is that, even after you’ve made your purchase, it’s a good idea to follow the item’s price fluctuation for at least two weeks after the fact. Why? Levi’s offers price adjustments and will refund you the difference if a price reduction occurs within 14 days of your original purchase date. Print and hang on to your receipt and keep watch over those items; you might be eligible for some money back!

Join the Coupon Hunt

The last, and probably the easiest, thing to do is to keep an eye on Levi’s deals right here on UltimateCoupons.com. Our Levi’s coupon page is always updated with the latest and greatest coupon codes, discounts and promotions. We comb the web daily to make sure our users have access to the best and most accurate savings opportunities. Be sure to stop by and take a peek before you complete those online purchases!

Levi’s frequently has free shipping and sitewide savings offers; just be patient and wait for the right deal to come along. We guarantee your pocketbook will thank you.

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