• 6 Celebs We Wish Would Step On A Lego Piece

    July 29, 2015

    It’s bad form to wish grievous bodily injury upon anybody (although this is the internet, so you sort of can’t wish ill upon people without it devolving into colorful language involving a woodchipper and several hungry woodland creatures.) But there are certain celebrities whose tender, pedicured feet deserve to have a fine howdy-do with the […]

  • 6 Times Carl Sagan Was an Intergalactic Treasure

    July 25, 2015

    Beloved astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, science popularizer,science communicator, and master turtleneck wearer has contributed so many great things to scientific community and, indeed, the world it can be a task to keep track of his accomplishments. So in order to keep track we present to you our favorite six times Carl Sagan was a national — […]

  • 10 Pieces of Geek Merch that Qualify You For Being Stuffed in a Locker

    July 23, 2015

    Before you ask, I’m not the prep school antagonist of a 1980s teen comedy who gets taken down a peg by a gang of scrappy misfits. I’m an enormous nerdgoblin myself, and I, too, spent a good portion of my childhood being forcibly inserted into a variety of lockers. But nerddom hasn’t been niche since […]

  • 5 Delicious Desserts that Are Irresponsibly Easy to Make

    July 19, 2015

    Preheat the oven for huhhh? In a cold bowl whisk the whuhhh? If reading baking instructions makes your eyes bleary and your palms sweaty never fear! We’ve got 10 dessert recipes that are as scrumptious as they are friendly to the oven-adverse. 1. “The One” Chocolate Mug Cake via BudgetBytes If you have a a mug, […]

  • Around the World in 10 Desserts

    July 17, 2015

    There’s something about summertime that brings out the sweet tooth in all of us. From frothy milkshakes to towering pillars of ice cream, vacation season always has us reaching for the next delicacy. But we bet you haven’t reached for one of these — yet. Join us as we explore the world through ooey-gooey, lip-smacking […]

  • 6 Superheroes in Real Life

    July 15, 2015

    The primary draw of superheroes is their sense of unreality – we can live vicariously through their crazy powers and indulge our own escapism by imagining a world where Spider-Man can make a living selling his selfies to the Daily Bugle. But what if our grittily realistic world of gritty realism was crammed full of […]

  • 5 Desserts Sweetened With Betrayal

    July 13, 2015

    There are few sacred things left in this world. “Purple Rain,” Andre The Giant’s toothy grin, Christian Bale’s unhinged rant on the set of “Terminator: Salvation,” and dessert – these are the terra firma we cling to in a world plagued by corruption and sin. But the wolves are always at our gates, vigilant and […]

  • 10 Comic Book Villains That Should Win

    July 9, 2015

    How many times have we seen Superman foil the plans of job-creator Lex Luthor? Or watched as Batman made mince meat of Arkham Asylum’s unfortunate wards? For once we’d like to see the ne’er-do-wells triumph over their goody two shoes counterparts! 1. Doctor Doom vs Reed Richards Doctor Doom is essentially just a formerly-poor, non-white […]

  • You American’t Miss These 10 Deals

    July 5, 2015

    We celebrate the freedom, independence and beauty of the United States every July 4th, usually by breaking out the grills, laying out on the grass and watching the fireworks, and generally taking it easy. We’re pretty sure Lady Liberty that a relaxed nation is a happy one, especially when said happy people shop the incredible […]

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